Is There a Way to Minimize Inheritance Fights Between My Relatives?

Categories: estate planning

Minimize Inheritance Fights

For many people, among the many reasons to have a comprehensive estate plan, one of the most important is to protect their loved ones from costly and unnecessary legal disputes. From relatives who have never seen eye-to-eye to family members who have different ideas about what their loved ones would have wanted, there are numerous…

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Common Terms to Include in a Divorce Settlement

Categories: divorce

Common Terms Divorce Settlement

If you and your spouse are able to resolve your differences out of court – whether through mediation, collaborative methods, or informal negotiations – the terms of your divorce will be established in a written document known as a Marital Settlement Agreement. Regardless of the simplicity or complexity of your divorce, it is imperative that…

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How Should I Conduct Myself During a Field Sobriety Test?

Categories: dwi/owi

Field Sobriety Test

When the police make a traffic stop in Wisconsin on suspicion of drunk driving, one of the things they will often do is ask the driver to submit to field sobriety tests (FSTs). Unlike the breathalyzer test, in Wisconsin, unless you are a commercial driver, you are not required to submit to the FSTs. Wisconsin’s…

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Potential Defenses to Drug Possession Charges in Wisconsin

Categories: criminal defense

drug possession defenses

In Wisconsin, drug crimes carry severe penalties. Even a first-time offense of simple marijuana possession can lead to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine (plus court costs and other financial consequences), while felony offenses such as possession with intent to distribute can carry up to a 40-year prison sentence and $100,000 in fines….

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Fitbits and Injury Claims: Do They Help or Hinder?

Categories: personal injury

man wearing a fitbit

Fitbit sells millions of personal fitness tracking devices every year. Analysts estimate that Apple has been selling millions of its fitness-tracking Apple Watches every quarter. While some people may still question the true utility of these devices (and Fitbit has faced lawsuits challenging the accuracy of its tracking data), there is no question that they…

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Five Common Juvenile Crimes Committed During Summer Break

Categories: criminal defense

two juveniles after crime

Although government data show that juvenile arrests have declined dramatically in recent years, the risk of facing criminal penalties and life-changing practical consequences due to a conviction remains a very real concern for teenagers who make the mistake of violating the law. While summer break is a time to recuperate from a busy school year…

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Common Issues with Trusts – and How to Fix Them

Categories: estate planning

signing legal paperwork

When it comes to preparing an estate plan, trusts can serve a variety of different purposes. Trusts offer flexibility, the ability to plan multiple generations into the future, and the opportunity to minimize tax liability now and in the future.   But, in order for a trust to serve its purpose, it needs to be…

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What Can You Negotiate with Child Support?

Categories: child support

child's hand in parent's

In Wisconsin, divorcing spouses have a significant amount of leeway to negotiate most aspects of their separation. However, the calculation of child support is one major exception to this general rule. In order to ensure that children’s financial needs are met after their parents’ divorce, Wisconsin law generally requires that child support payments be calculated…

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