How Can I Expedite Probate For A Smaller Estate?

Categories: estate planning


Wisconsin provides several alternative processes for smaller estates that are not in need of  full-blown formal probate. These include: Transfer By Affidavit Summary Administration Summary Settlement Informal Administration Small Estate Options in North Central Wisconsin Transfer by Affidavit is perhaps the easiest option available to potential heirs of a small estate. The transfer of affidavit…

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What Are My Trust Options For A Special Needs Child?

Categories: trusts

signing a trust for special needs child

Parents of special needs children face a variety of overwhelming and confusing decisions when trying to help their child navigate the complexities of normal life. They are often forced into positions as advocates, fighting for the rights of their children for adequate educational opportunities, work experiences, and the physical and emotional support that they need….

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Should You Consider A Prenuptial Agreement?

Categories: family law

prenuptial agreement

No one goes into marriage anticipating a possible divorce.  And few soon to be spouses want to believe that down the road they may face legal claims and challenges that threaten their financial well being and the assets that they have spent years accumulating. The reality, however, is that many couples who are initially happily…

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How To Challenge The Results of Your DUI Test

Categories: dwi/owi

Woman taking a breathalyzer

After a night out with friends, perhaps you were stopped by police while on your way home to bed. Or maybe you were headed to a sporting event with friends when a cop noticed what appeared to be a beer can in someone’s hand. In either of these instances, a seemingly innocent event can turn…

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Citizen Informants: Can They Lead to Arrest?

Categories: criminal defense

informant shaking hands

In order to search and arrest an individual for a crime, police need evidence. This evidence must be sufficient to support the probable cause standard, or to create reasonable suspicion for a traffic stop. Sometimes this evidence is obtained through video or audio recordings, or by observation of the individual’s actions – such as seeing…

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Bankruptcy and Foreign Debts

Categories: bankruptcy


For those overwhelmed by their personal debt, or debt from a business venture, bankruptcy can be an important means of getting past the stress and starting over. While bankruptcy addresses debts that you may have that are acquired in the United States are governed by U.S. law, many clients also wonder how bankruptcy will affect…

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The Increasing Role of Social Media In Personal Injury Lawsuits

Categories: personal injury

social media

Social media is ubiquitous in this day and age. Almost everyone we meet has a Facebook account, posts pictures on Instagram, or regularly tweets.  Indeed, according to the Pew Research Center, eight out of ten Americans use social media almost daily. While these activities allow us to connect with our families and friends, they also…

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3 Tips For Avoiding Probate

Categories: estate planning


In the immediate aftermath of the death of a loved one, even the smallest of tasks can seem overwhelming and exhausting.  Handling funeral arrangements, dealing with personal possessions, and adjusting to the loss can take all the time and energy you have. The probate process can be a long and frustrating one. It may include…

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